• Maximum comfort

    The Aqua Massage equipment being provided with a lid covered with a sturdy waterproof coating, allow you to perform a massage to hot and in full privacy.

  • Intensity adjustment

    By adjusting the power and speed of the jet of water sprayed from the nozzles is possible to perform full-body massages and inimitable, having the feeling that you are massaging the fingers on the three sides of the body.

  • Targeted massage

    The software they use equipment Aqua Massage allows you to set and store a profile of personal massage so that you can repeat as many times as you wish.

Why buy equipment Aqua Massage

  • The equipment Aqua Massage is the ideal tool not only for massage professionals, such as the Baths and Spa, Wellness Centres and sports, but also for medical centers and physiotherapy.

    • Differentiate from Competitors
      by offering its customers new solutions
    • Providing a quality service
      increasing customer satisfaction
    • Effettuare massaggi professionali
      in base alle esigenze di ogni Cliente
    • Perform professional massage
      according to the needs of each customer
    • Provide added value
      to reducing the risk of inactivity
  • acqua

    Aqua Massage is a device that allows you to make professional massages, using as much energy and the power of water.

    This is possible thanks to the rugged waterproof coating that covers the lid of the unit, which enables the customer, according quietly lying on the pillow dress also, to enjoy a wonderful massage with water without getting wet in any way.

    The water jets that come out of the special nozzles are fully and independently controllable and allow to modulate and adjust the massage according to the specific needs of each customer, then deciding whether to make a shallow or deep massage, full or partial.

    Thanks to a special system of which are equipped with the equipment Aqua Massage is also possible to set each type of massage, also deciding on which body part is desired to act, and then provide to its storage in the event that it is desired to replicate.