Aquamassage SPA

The healing power of water without getting wet


Spa Standard Model:

Choose our Standard Spa Model for the power and unmatched design and style. Aqua massages are quick and require little time, so even the busiest of people can fit a massage into their schedule.

The benefits of aqua massage include increased blood circulation and oxygen absorption, an increase in range of motion along with a decrease in inflammation and muscle tension, along with an increase in endorphins.
The Spa Model is perfect for: Tanning Salons, Fitness Clubs, Spa’s, Wellness Center etc.

Standard Features Include:

  • Includes aromatherapy and sound system.
  • Monochrome touch screen control.
  • Stainless steel pump. Water jets & jet drive assembly.
  • Pre-wired GFI assembly. (domestic only)
  • Standard color is white.
  • Optional colors are available.


Spa Body Profiler Model:

The Spa Body Profile Model include everything that the Standard Model includes with the addition of:

  •  The AVA Relaxation System™ which features:
  • Audio CD player system with headphones
  • Variable Speed Control fan and Aromatherapy
  • Color touch screen control
  • Automatic Body Profiler Control System™
  • Stainless steel 3 HP pump, water jets & jet drive assembly
  • Pre-wired GFI assembly (domestic only)
  • Standard color is white
  • Optional colors are available


A high level of comfort…

Aqua Massage Spa has been designed to allow the customer to make their own in total relaxation and massage with every comfort.

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What it offers Aquamassage SPA

  • Available in different colors
  • Color Display with Touch Screen
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Simple / rapid exchange aromatherapy
  • Headphones for listening to music
  • Head massage cushion for prone or supine
  • Full body massage for the whole body


  • Settings for pressure
  • Settings for pulse frequency
  • Adjustments to water temperature
  • Relaxing massage (pumping)
  • Invigorating massage (wave)
  • Anti-cellulite massage (butterfly)
  • Electronic remote control to adjust the pressure and the direction of the water jets
  • CD/MP3 player and DVD (Music Therapy)
  • System for Aromatherapy
  • Touch Screen System


Length: 249 cm
Height: 107 cm
Width: 86 cm
Weight: 227 Kg without water
Capacità: 70 liters of water in the tank
Voltage: 220 VAC 50 Hz single phase 20/25 Amp circuit breaker with a grounded
Timer: 1 to 60 min.
Temperatura acqua: From 25 ° C fi no to 40 ° C with 25 ° C Max ambient temperature
Warranty: 12 months

Model complies with European regulations EN60601 – MARCHIO CE
Patents n° 4.751.919 – n° 4.908.016 – n° 5.158.076 – n° D 522.659

Optional Colors:
Additional lead time required

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  • aquamassage-spa-viola

  • aquamassage-spa-grigia

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