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The healing power of water without getting wet


Spa Standard Model:

Choose our Standard Spa Model for the power and unmatched design and style. Aqua massages are quick and require little time, so even the busiest of people can fit a massage into their schedule.

The benefits of aqua massage include increased blood circulation and oxygen absorption, an increase in range of motion along with a decrease in inflammation and muscle tension, along with an increase in endorphins.
The Spa Model is perfect for: Tanning Salons, Fitness Clubs, Spa’s, Wellness Center etc.

Standard Features Include:

  • Includes aromatherapy and sound system.
  • Monochrome touch screen control.
  • Stainless steel pump. Water jets & jet drive assembly.
  • Pre-wired GFI assembly. (domestic only)
  • Standard color is white.
  • Optional colors are available.


Spa Body Profiler Model:

The Spa Body Profile Model include everything that the Standard Model includes with the addition of:

  • The AVA Relaxation System™ which features:
  • Audio CD player system with headphones
  • Variable Speed Control fan and Aromatherapy
  • Color touch screen control
  • Automatic Body Profiler Control System™
  • Stainless steel 3 HP pump, water jets & jet drive assembly
  • Pre-wired GFI assembly (domestic only)
  • Standard color is white
  • Optional colors are available


A high level of comfort…

Aqua Massage Spa has been designed to allow the customer to make their own in total relaxation and massage with every comfort.

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  • aquamassage-spa-image-2

What it offers Aquamassage SPA

  • Available in different colors
  • Color Display with Touch Screen
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Simple / rapid exchange aromatherapy
  • Headphones for listening to music
  • Head massage cushion for prone or supine
  • Full body massage for the whole body


  • Settings for pressure
  • Settings for pulse frequency
  • Adjustments to water temperature
  • Relaxing massage (pumping)
  • Invigorating massage (wave)
  • Anti-cellulite massage (butterfly)
  • Electronic remote control to adjust the pressure and the direction of the water jets
  • CD/MP3 player and DVD (Music Therapy)
  • System for Aromatherapy
  • Touch Screen System


Length: 249 cm
Height: 107 cm
Width: 86 cm
Weight: 227 Kg without water
Capacità: 70 liters of water in the tank
Voltage: 220 VAC 50 Hz single phase 20/25 Amp circuit breaker with a grounded
Timer: 1 to 60 min.
Temperatura acqua: From 25 ° C fi no to 40 ° C with 25 ° C Max ambient temperature
Warranty: 12 months

Model complies with European regulations EN60601 – MARCHIO CE
Patents n° 4.751.919 – n° 4.908.016 – n° 5.158.076 – n° D 522.659

Optional Colors:
Additional lead time required

  • aquamassage-spa-rosso

  • aquamassage-spa-viola

  • aquamassage-spa-grigia

Download Depliant Aquamassage SPA

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profilerAs a leader in product innovation and quality engineering Aqua Massage International introduces the industry’s first “Body Profiler“™ operating system with a touch screen control.

This sophisticated technology lets the operator or client easily select the preprogrammed Body Profiler™ to suit the client’s unique requirements, such as stronger pressure on the lower back and gentle pressure in the neck region. For clients who desire more individual control over their experience, a handheld control enables the client to pause the massage jets on a desired location, increase or decrease the pressure in any zone, and select any single or double direction effects of massage for optimum pain relief and/or relaxation.



The Body Profiler™ divides the body into 12 equal zones, ranging from the feet to the neck. Pressure and pulsation frequency of the massage jets can be independently and easily programmed for each zone. Up to 100 customized Body Profiles can be stored in the operating system and recalled with a simple “Press” on the touch screen. Entering the height of shorter clients automatically adjusts the length of the 12 zones to match their body proportions.

Using the automatic “Gentle Start” option gradually increases the water pressure and/or pulsating frequency for a smooth introduction to each Body Profile. “Gentle Finish” automatically decreases the pulsating frequency for a “relax/dream” ending. No need to depend on the operator to monitor and regulate the session for the ultimate experience!