Fitness Club/Gym

Fitness Club/Gym

palestre2No pain, no gain?   No time to work out and  have a massage? Not any more! Boost revenue and client satisfaction by including the Aqua Massage XL, the Aqua Massage Spa, or the World Eco Spa in the range of amenities you offer your clients. The Aqua Massage is the perfect piece of equipment to help your clients relax and soothe tired, strained muscles. Or clients may choose to use the system to warm and limber their muscles before their workout, thereby reducing injuries.

Either way you’ll have happier, more satisfied clients because regular use of an Aqua Massage unit helps your clients get fit faster and stay fit longer.   Time sets and check-in can be easily handled from your front desk, and no additional staff is required to run the units. The Aqua Massage product line offers optional systems to control use, so you can choose to include the massage experience as an attractive membership incentive, or as a separate revenue generator.

The aqua massage:

  • Easily handled from your front desk
  • Attractive membership incentive
  • No additional staff in required
  • Soothe tired, strained muscles

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Fitness Club“It is because of your company’s integrity that it is EASY to recommend   your product since there is a wonderful staff behind the product …   quality people, quality product.  And, as I’ve mentioned many times, it   is rewarding to me to have the Aqua Massage for my members (and   non-members) … to see their reaction and be able to ease their   tensions for a time.  Your machine is awesome and I’m proud to promote   it in my fitness center “  S.Z., Owner

“The Aqua Massage I believe sells itself.  Once our   players got acquainted with the Aqua Massage we had to schedule the unit   by appointment!  I even had players ask if we could travel the unit!    Our players found the therapeutic value terrific, particularly in the   relaxing of spasmed muscle groups, lower back problems, and even relief   for sore feet.  It’s a terrific adjunct to our program”   R.C., Miami Heat Basketball Trainer